The celebration for Khmer New Year 2013 at Don Bosco Sihanoukville

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Today is the last day of school before the small vocation for the Khmer New Year 2013 at Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville. And this morning all the salesians family, teachers, students, and all the staff celebrated the ceremony before the vocation. And that was a good ceremony which reflect the Khmer traditional too.

The Starting
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For the start of the ceremony Fr. John Visser the rector of Don Bosco Sihanoukville and the country representative of the Don Bosco Cambodia bless all the teachers, students, and stuff with holy water and bless everyone a happy new year with full of joy. After that he bath the statue of Don Bosco (Saint John Bosco) the one who is the reason to have the Don Bosco schools around 100s country in the world to help the poor youth.

During the ceremony

After that, it’s time for teachers to bless the students and students to bless the salesians family and teachers with water as Khmer traditional. And bath the statue of Don Bosco for the new year as he stand for us every whole years. There were smiley faces all around the school and everyone are enjoyed the ceremony so much.

Last part

Before the ending, teachers, students, and all the staff came to enjoy dancing the traditional Khmer dances before we have to say good bye to each other for a while. After enjoying the dancing it’s time to say good bye and students and some teacher prepared to go to their homeland to enjoy the Khmer New Year 2013 with their family and will come back for the new semester on the 22th.

The photo of Don Bosco statue after bathing this morning. Photo by: Eeng Kiaheng  


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