Sihanoukville Cambodia and Trat Thailand First Trade Fair 2015

Sihanoukville trade fair event
Here in Sihanoukville again, today is the third day of the Trade Fair event which take place in Ocheuteal beach of Sihanoukville.

This trade fair is name as "One Village One Product". I still remember the name as I was designing the banner for the event which is a collection of Sihanoukville Cambodia and Trat Thailand product which as I know is the first time for event between Sihanouk Province and Trat in this year 2015. 

I went for that event tonight walking around, seeing and thinking, buying some stuff and enjoy the event as well as a Sihanoukvillain ( a citizen of Sihanouk province ). I think there might be more events like this going to occur on and on.  

Actually I did capture some moment of the event to come along with this article which you can see above and below. Thank for reading!

Front an end point there were so crowded inside
Ocheuteal beach, Sihanoukville
When the music begin 

Merry Christmas 2013 at Don Bosco Sihanoukville

Don Bosco Sihanoukville flyer for Christmas 2013

Christmas day in Sihanoukville on the 25th will be full of actions. We have concerts for Christmas and people meet together to celebrate the Christmas festival.

Like every year, the Don Bosco School of Sihanoukville will celebrate the Christmas festival but not on 25th. Today (24th of December, 2013) the headmaster, students and teachers of the Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School of Sihanoukville celebrated Christmas concert at school. And on the 28th the school will have a concert for all the people living in Sihanoukville to join and have great time together.

The concert program will be organized by teachers of Don Bosco School and art performance by the students of Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School of Sihanoukville. The students have been training and rehearsal hard to perform for the yearly concert at school. There are Traditional Khmer Dancing, Singing, Story of Jesus and performance by the students and especially the Disco Dancing of all the sections at the school including Secretary, Social Communication, Automotive, Machanician, and Electrician section. And much more fun programs all around the school.

In the afternoon there is a friendly volleyball match between the students of Don Bosco Sihanoukville and the students of University of Management and Economic (UME) Sihanoukville. At the school sells the lottery with many prizes including lots of consolation prizes Electric fan, Televisions, bicycle, refrigerator and the biggest prize Honda Dream 2014!

The concert will start at 8 o’clock in the morning till 10 o’clock at night at Don Bosco Technical School located at 05 street, Group 13, 05 village, 04 district Sihanoukville province. If you are in Sihanoukville you can come and join the fun for Christmas Festival at Don Bosco Sihanoukville.

Merry Christmas in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Christmas in Sihanoukville new design

Christmas is coming soon. Everywhere people are starting to talk about Christmas. Not only in Europe but here at Sihanoukville, Cambodia we see some preparation for Christmas especially for foreigners who live in Cambodia particularly Sihanoukville.

The weather is getting quite cold at this time for Cambodian. The Christmas day seems to be heard much more in Sihanoukville, maybe because there are more foreigners from European Countries and lots of Cambodian now know English and the culture of Christmas day is known by reading, studying English and interact with foreigners.

At the beaches in Sihanoukville where there are lots of foreigners, we see the decoration and preparation for the upcoming Christmas day. Some foreigners will return to their home for Christmas but some will stay and enjoy the Christmas day in this pleasant city of Cambodia.

Sihanoukville is quite a nice place for Christmas as the weather in is month is cold and hotels, guesthouses, clubs, and restaurants are decorated for the Christmas and especially the beaches in Sihanoukville where most Cambodian and foreigners stay and celebrate their Christmas!

Sihanoukville November 2013

Sihanoukville, Cambodia


This November the weather in Sihanoukville is just like most people in Sihanoukville predicted and it is like last year. The wind brow hard during most night and sometimes it rains in the early morning and that make people want to sleep longer in the cold morning. But the unpredictable things about weather is during the early November with the Typoons in philipine that seems to affect the weather in Sihanoukville, but only small affect.

Schools & Students

Most schools started on October but some university just started in November for the new first year students who completed their exam or grade 12. So during November the schools get life again and the students are concentrating on their study for the new school year.


This November we see quite a lot of sports activities as usual months. Sports are seen more in Sihanoukville as people start to know more and more about the advantage of sport through some advertising on TV and radio. There are some more sport places in Sihanoukville like the football fields, volleyball fields, gyms started that allow people to play much more sport even at night for some people who doesn’t have time to play sports during the day.

Sport Event

This month at Don Bosco Technical School as usually run the Christmas sport event like this school has done every year. Students from different sections of the school attend this event to be the champion of the Don Bosco Sihanoukville 2013. There are football, basketball, volleyball and more sports to compete.


As we know this month is the high season of tourists in Cambodia. Sihanoukville also welcome lots of tourists already. We see many foreigners in Sihanoukville coming for their holiday, getting to know Sihanoukville and enjoy their holiday especially in the beaches of Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville during Pchum Ben

Photo from

Cambodians are celebrating the Pchum Ben festival, a traditional time when people go to the pagoda and bring food and many things to the monks to pray for their relative. Pchum Ben is another big traditional event from Khmer New Year. And it last 15 days during the month of September and October.

During this time this year, the rain blow hard in Sihanoukville and other provinces and also the capital Phnom Penh. However as Sihanouk province in near the sea, so it is often affected much more by the rain then other provinces in Cambodia.

This year is no exception the rain blow very hard. Some day during this time it rain the whole day and if not it’s nearly the whole day too. When we get up in the morning and see the sun shine bright like a sunny day, but don’t forget to bring umbrella or rain coat because it may rain at anytime suddenly. Regardless of the rain, people still go to the big as a normal Pchum Ben’s days. We are immune with this weather. And the beach of Sihanoukville is still the beautiful place during this time or anytime.

Pchum Ben’s days are also holiday in Cambodia so people go to their home land to join the festival and get up early in the morning together to go to the pagodas. Cambodian enjoy this traditional days because it’s always good to do good things and gather together as a family. How wonderful is Cambodia!

Donate blood give love program at the health ministry of Sihanoukville

Picture by: Eeng Kiaheng  (I see Sihanoukville)

The department of health of Sihanouk corporate with the blood center and the Loy9 group ABC Media Actuan Organization created a program called “Donate blood, give love” in Sihanoukville province for 9days 9places and plan to get 999 units of blood.

They spread the news to adults at high schools and universities in Sihanouk to donate their blood for needers on 12 June 2013 at the Sihanouk department of health.

Ros Mary represent for ABC Media Actuan said that her group had spread the news to the adults from the community since May to let them know about the program and help donate blood for needers.

This program was a good and successful program. And this will help the people in the province too.

The June 2013 of Sihanoukville

Picture by: I See Sihanoukville

This month seems to be the busy month for students in Cambodia and so in Sihanoukville. The month before vacation start and also the month with full of preparation for the exam.

 In most University, Technical School, High School and every grade of class this is the last month before the final exam. Students is having busy time with their study during this time. They start extra classes and study hard to pass the exam so that they can have a happy vacation. And all of this make June one of the busy months.

Riding along the city of Sihanoukville, June is just the same month as others people do their business and their job normal except the weather. The rain start to fall in most morning on June this year. It should have start since April. The morning rain is also the obstacle of the people who sell things at the market and in front of their house, they have difficult time if it rain for long. Also it’s an obstacle for people traveling to their work places and for students to get to school on time.

Few mornings already that I’ve traveling under the rain with a raincoat to get to school and see most travelers wearing raincoats to get to their destination on time even it rains a bit hard in the morning. Hundreds of raincoats is sold everyday if you don’t have a raincoat with you, you would get wet at anytime the rain just fall down heavily suddenly. Even I got a raincoat but I also got wet because of the suddenly falls of the rain without me prepare to wear a raincoat.

With mornings of rains, but the sunny day in the afternoons and relaxing evenings. It may rain hard and cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon then the enjoyable evening after a busy day. At the beaches people go swimming for the hot afternoon around 3-5 pm and after five some people alone or with couple sit and relax at the shore or traveling around the 2lions (the symbol of the Sihanoukville). Another great thing is to get home stay with their family and talk about their day, having dinner, relax and enjoy the time together.

June is a month of busyness, rainy, and unpredictable month. People are busy with their work and struggle with the weather. But it’s a wonderful month for what it is!

Written by: Eeng Kiaheng

The unforgettable memory between Cambodians and Singaporeans at Don Bosco

Miss Maryanne giving the speech on the first day
A group of teachers and students of Singapore Polytechnic had visited Cambodia and enjoyed their stay at Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School in Sihanoukville, from the 28th March to 6th April 2013, to teach English and to share their experience.

Students from Singapore Polytechnic arriving at Don Bosco
Their presence had brought joy and happiness to everyone at Don Bosco, Sihanouk province and a strong friendship had been built between the students and teachers of both schools, one which we will never forget. We had fun sharing experiences, playing sports, dancing and working together!

At Don Bosco Hotel School, Sihanoukville
The students and teachers from Singapore Polytechnic had divided into groups to teach English to the different sections at Don Bosco Technical School and Hotel School. They were very friendly, kind, helpful and tried hard to keep our attention in class. I can still remember the happiness and smiles on everyone’s faces. That was the happiest moment since the New Year of 2013 at Don Bosco, Sihanoukville.

On Friday afternoon the departure ceremony
On Thursday night, there was dancing which everyone enjoyed because it was the last night we had with the students and teachers from Singapore Polytechnic, before they went back after ten days in Sihanoukville. On Friday afternoon, which is the last day of school at Don Bosco, Father Eugene, teachers and students of Don Bosco held a departure ceremony for our good friends from Singapore and we wished them good health, wealth and luck. Before it ended, all the teachers and students from Singapore Polytechnic performed a very beautiful dance together that was so nice. In return, the students of Don Bosco sang to them two songs with their sa art voices! (Heheh!)

Even though they have gone back, we still stay connected via E-mail and other Social Network, like Facebook. Everyone at Don Bosco still remembers their presence, the happiness, smiles and laughter we had together and this is the happiest, unforgettable memory we would all keep in our minds.

And this is the interview through Facebook about the opinion of our Singapore friend Miss. Maryanne Naomi Lee Feng Yi :

“I never thought that I would be wanting to extend my stay in Cambodia, but after spending about a week with the students of Don Bosco, I could not bear to part with them. I think that the students at Don Bosco are very humble and eager to learn and we have learnt a lot from them. I will never forget their warmth and sincerity that made us feel so welcomed, their sa art smiles, (pi-ru voices?) and how they nodded politely although sometimes, I knew they did not understand. I am glad we still stay in contact through Facebook, because I am still meeting new Cambodian friends there whom I did not get an opportunity to talk to during my stay. Through that, I got a chance to know Eeng KiaHeng who is a joy to talk to, a good friend to me and who writes really well. This journey is too incredible to be put into words but I shall try to sum it up: In Cambodia, I found meaning in words unspoken, I found happiness in simplicity and most of all, I found friends that I will never ever forget!”

Thanks for the photos that were from Miss Maryanne

Students of Singapore Polytechnic on there way in Cambodia
At Ochherteal Beach, Sihanoukville
With the Mechanical Section
During the English class

In the Social Communication Studio

Thanks for Miss Maryanne for the photos, her opinion, and her help in editing this article without her helps this article wouldn’t have been published.

Exercise for health in Sihanoukville

Image Source

Now as Cambodia economic is growing Cambodia citizens are working hard to develop the country and to maintain their job. Some people are working from the early morning till late at night to improve and earn money from their business, shop, or their sales at the market.

Beside from working people are finding some hobby to do to release their stress and to enjoy the day. Men play football, volleyball, basketball, or go to the gym. Some young people are on their motorbike travel around the city especially around the Two Lions and the beach. Yes , we can often see them at the beach hangout. It’s a good hobby for free time ,but do you think it is a good hobby for everyday? Would you spend your free time everyday just sit at the beach, traveling around the Two Lions, or go some place and spend much money everyday? That’s not good for everyday, but it’s great for sometime when we have a party or something( but not for everyday party!). Why don’t we young people consider doing some housework which could help our parents physically and mentally, reading some books to gain knowledge, doing homework teachers give from school, doing some exercise that could keep us healthy? If you do so I’m sure you’ll see that your feeling is good because your parents happy with you, your study become much better, your health is good and stronger. Is it nice? And one other thing is the road will not be so chaos.

 I have been talking to much about men and young people, what about women? Yes, there are many things women in Sihanoukville do in their hobby and it’s good for their health too. Middle age women play badminton, do their housework which is a good exercise too. They also jog in the morning and evening like elderly women do. I often see elderly women and men jog in the early morning when I prepared for the Marathon competition in Sihanoukville each time. And also I saw a lot of foreigners too. One place that really attract me about the exercise in Sihanouk province is the former cinema where in the morning and evening there’s a dancing exercising program. I saw lots of women, men, and also teenagers! That is interesting and when come across there I often feel good to see what they’re doing. That’s a really good exercise that could make us feel happy and healthy. If you’re in Sihanoukville, even if you are Cambodian or foreigner and you want some exercise you can join that nice program for about 1000-2000 Riels (25-50cents). And don’t forget to get the most of the beautiful Sihanoukville as much as you can.

The celebration for Khmer New Year 2013 at Don Bosco Sihanoukville


Today is the last day of school before the small vocation for the Khmer New Year 2013 at Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville. And this morning all the salesians family, teachers, students, and all the staff celebrated the ceremony before the vocation. And that was a good ceremony which reflect the Khmer traditional too.

The Starting
Image Source :
For the start of the ceremony Fr. John Visser the rector of Don Bosco Sihanoukville and the country representative of the Don Bosco Cambodia bless all the teachers, students, and stuff with holy water and bless everyone a happy new year with full of joy. After that he bath the statue of Don Bosco (Saint John Bosco) the one who is the reason to have the Don Bosco schools around 100s country in the world to help the poor youth.

During the ceremony

After that, it’s time for teachers to bless the students and students to bless the salesians family and teachers with water as Khmer traditional. And bath the statue of Don Bosco for the new year as he stand for us every whole years. There were smiley faces all around the school and everyone are enjoyed the ceremony so much.

Last part

Before the ending, teachers, students, and all the staff came to enjoy dancing the traditional Khmer dances before we have to say good bye to each other for a while. After enjoying the dancing it’s time to say good bye and students and some teacher prepared to go to their homeland to enjoy the Khmer New Year 2013 with their family and will come back for the new semester on the 22th.

The photo of Don Bosco statue after bathing this morning. Photo by: Eeng Kiaheng  

No water in some part of Sihanoukville

Photo by: Eeng Kiaheng
These few days, there’s no running water in some part of Sihanouk province. This problem comes to add trouble to the existing electricity power problem. The electricity problem is making people irritated and now the problem with water supply is making the situation worst.

Some businesses are meeting a hard time, no water in some hotels and guesthouse, some no water to use in houses, no drinking water, no washing water and no water for businesses. How bad!

“No water in the hotel, have to buy drinking water. No drinking water and no shower for guests. They are unhappy and will clear off back to Phnom Penh, who responsible for this mismanaging situation” said a hotel manager.

“It’s good that I have a well in my house, if no I would not afford to live without washing myself. It’s very hot this season. And my neighbors are asking for my water and I have to buy water for drinking too. I don’t how they think, trying to cut electricity and water supply for their own benefit and don’t care about us. We should take acting to respond or they will make our living worse” said a hairdresser.

Sihanoukvillian have to buy water to drink
People in Sihanouk province believe that there still water supply but they just cut it. Maybe it’s not enough. But the water will run sometime so we should buy a holding tank to fill water for using when the water is available.

I think this problem won’t last for long. The situation will be better soon and we will get back to our normal Sihanoukville lives especially on the upcoming Khmer New Year 2013 things will be good and we can enjoy the living.

People seem to be ready for the upcoming Khmer New Year 2013

View image source here
The upcoming Khmer New Year 2013 falls on Saturday,13 April and will last for 3 days until 15 April.

In Sihanoukville people seems to be ready for Khmer New Year 2013. School students start to play Khmer traditional game for the new year, some school is on small vocation, the universities will start vocation soon and the most popular technical school in Sihanouk province Don Bosco Technical School will celebrate before the new year and will be on vocation around 10 April to 20 April for their students to come back home for this happy time in a year. Most of the students at Don Bosco Sihanoukville come from various provinces as this school is so popular and help poor students so on the upcoming New Year's Day they will go back to meet their family and happy the small vocation. 

As the people are already harvested their crops, students have finished their exam for the first semester, and lots of people are waiting to meet their families, playing traditional game, the Khmer New Year 2013 seems to be the very happy time during the year. People are talking and prepare themselves already. Even there is still half a month to go, but I've already hear people talk about that and also in the media and Social Network too. 

At school, students and teachers are starting to celebrate before the small vocation in the whole Cambodia. And especially at the pagodas there will be lots of people playing traditional games, coming to do good deed by donating and contributing to charities. Buddhists bath the Buddha statues with perfumed water and also bath their elderly to get good wishes and advices. The Sihanoukville beaches is predicted to be full of people( Cambodians and also foreigners). In my opinion, Ochheteal beaches, Otres beaches and pagoda, and Kbal Chay Water fall will be crowded. And hotels and guesthouse in Sihanouk province will be full as last year.

Problem to face
Everything can't be perfect their will be some problems like the street will be crowded(might cause traffic accidents), not enough hotels and guesthouse rooms, their might be argument on the dancing, and especially one thing I really want to talk about is the increasing cost of the buses and taxis. Every year people are complaining about this problem they spend lots of money to go home because the cost rises too expensive. I've already heard plenty of friends and people complaining about this problem.
Picture from

Even everything can't be perfect but we can avoid bad thing and everything can be good. I hope there are solution to these problems and wish all Cambodians and foreigners living in Cambodia will enjoy much of the Khmer New Year 2013.