The unforgettable memory between Cambodians and Singaporeans at Don Bosco

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Miss Maryanne giving the speech on the first day
A group of teachers and students of Singapore Polytechnic had visited Cambodia and enjoyed their stay at Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School in Sihanoukville, from the 28th March to 6th April 2013, to teach English and to share their experience.

Students from Singapore Polytechnic arriving at Don Bosco
Their presence had brought joy and happiness to everyone at Don Bosco, Sihanouk province and a strong friendship had been built between the students and teachers of both schools, one which we will never forget. We had fun sharing experiences, playing sports, dancing and working together!

At Don Bosco Hotel School, Sihanoukville
The students and teachers from Singapore Polytechnic had divided into groups to teach English to the different sections at Don Bosco Technical School and Hotel School. They were very friendly, kind, helpful and tried hard to keep our attention in class. I can still remember the happiness and smiles on everyone’s faces. That was the happiest moment since the New Year of 2013 at Don Bosco, Sihanoukville.

On Friday afternoon the departure ceremony
On Thursday night, there was dancing which everyone enjoyed because it was the last night we had with the students and teachers from Singapore Polytechnic, before they went back after ten days in Sihanoukville. On Friday afternoon, which is the last day of school at Don Bosco, Father Eugene, teachers and students of Don Bosco held a departure ceremony for our good friends from Singapore and we wished them good health, wealth and luck. Before it ended, all the teachers and students from Singapore Polytechnic performed a very beautiful dance together that was so nice. In return, the students of Don Bosco sang to them two songs with their sa art voices! (Heheh!)

Even though they have gone back, we still stay connected via E-mail and other Social Network, like Facebook. Everyone at Don Bosco still remembers their presence, the happiness, smiles and laughter we had together and this is the happiest, unforgettable memory we would all keep in our minds.

And this is the interview through Facebook about the opinion of our Singapore friend Miss. Maryanne Naomi Lee Feng Yi :

“I never thought that I would be wanting to extend my stay in Cambodia, but after spending about a week with the students of Don Bosco, I could not bear to part with them. I think that the students at Don Bosco are very humble and eager to learn and we have learnt a lot from them. I will never forget their warmth and sincerity that made us feel so welcomed, their sa art smiles, (pi-ru voices?) and how they nodded politely although sometimes, I knew they did not understand. I am glad we still stay in contact through Facebook, because I am still meeting new Cambodian friends there whom I did not get an opportunity to talk to during my stay. Through that, I got a chance to know Eeng KiaHeng who is a joy to talk to, a good friend to me and who writes really well. This journey is too incredible to be put into words but I shall try to sum it up: In Cambodia, I found meaning in words unspoken, I found happiness in simplicity and most of all, I found friends that I will never ever forget!”

Thanks for the photos that were from Miss Maryanne

Students of Singapore Polytechnic on there way in Cambodia
At Ochherteal Beach, Sihanoukville
With the Mechanical Section
During the English class

In the Social Communication Studio

Thanks for Miss Maryanne for the photos, her opinion, and her help in editing this article without her helps this article wouldn’t have been published.


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