Sihanoukville during Pchum Ben

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Cambodians are celebrating the Pchum Ben festival, a traditional time when people go to the pagoda and bring food and many things to the monks to pray for their relative. Pchum Ben is another big traditional event from Khmer New Year. And it last 15 days during the month of September and October.

During this time this year, the rain blow hard in Sihanoukville and other provinces and also the capital Phnom Penh. However as Sihanouk province in near the sea, so it is often affected much more by the rain then other provinces in Cambodia.

This year is no exception the rain blow very hard. Some day during this time it rain the whole day and if not it’s nearly the whole day too. When we get up in the morning and see the sun shine bright like a sunny day, but don’t forget to bring umbrella or rain coat because it may rain at anytime suddenly. Regardless of the rain, people still go to the big as a normal Pchum Ben’s days. We are immune with this weather. And the beach of Sihanoukville is still the beautiful place during this time or anytime.

Pchum Ben’s days are also holiday in Cambodia so people go to their home land to join the festival and get up early in the morning together to go to the pagodas. Cambodian enjoy this traditional days because it’s always good to do good things and gather together as a family. How wonderful is Cambodia!


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