The June 2013 of Sihanoukville

Monday, June 10, 2013 1 comments

Picture by: I See Sihanoukville

This month seems to be the busy month for students in Cambodia and so in Sihanoukville. The month before vacation start and also the month with full of preparation for the exam.

 In most University, Technical School, High School and every grade of class this is the last month before the final exam. Students is having busy time with their study during this time. They start extra classes and study hard to pass the exam so that they can have a happy vacation. And all of this make June one of the busy months.

Riding along the city of Sihanoukville, June is just the same month as others people do their business and their job normal except the weather. The rain start to fall in most morning on June this year. It should have start since April. The morning rain is also the obstacle of the people who sell things at the market and in front of their house, they have difficult time if it rain for long. Also it’s an obstacle for people traveling to their work places and for students to get to school on time.

Few mornings already that I’ve traveling under the rain with a raincoat to get to school and see most travelers wearing raincoats to get to their destination on time even it rains a bit hard in the morning. Hundreds of raincoats is sold everyday if you don’t have a raincoat with you, you would get wet at anytime the rain just fall down heavily suddenly. Even I got a raincoat but I also got wet because of the suddenly falls of the rain without me prepare to wear a raincoat.

With mornings of rains, but the sunny day in the afternoons and relaxing evenings. It may rain hard and cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon then the enjoyable evening after a busy day. At the beaches people go swimming for the hot afternoon around 3-5 pm and after five some people alone or with couple sit and relax at the shore or traveling around the 2lions (the symbol of the Sihanoukville). Another great thing is to get home stay with their family and talk about their day, having dinner, relax and enjoy the time together.

June is a month of busyness, rainy, and unpredictable month. People are busy with their work and struggle with the weather. But it’s a wonderful month for what it is!

Written by: Eeng Kiaheng


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