A story of a hardworking student

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His parents are now well paid and he's studying at university

For this week Education Report we have a story about a hardworking student Chea Poleak. He is a student from a rural area in Phnom Toch village Totong commune, Dongtong district, Kompot province. His parents are farmers. He grew up and studied in his hometown. At school he was a good student and beside from study he helped his parents on the farm. Unfortunately he had to postphone his study when he finished grade 9 because he knew the situation in his family and wanted to spend his time helping his parents on the farm.
He didn't stop his study he still try to study by himself at home. After a year of delaying his study he came to Sihanoukville to live with his uncle to continue his study. He continued grade 10 at Hunsen Mittapheab High School (02 High School). In class he is considered the most hardworking student. Untill now he finished High School and continueing the first year of English Literature at Build Bright University.
Tambo his high school classmate said" he is a very good student he study really hard and he also like playing football too. We played football together on free time.
Khun Saroeun his high school classmate and is now studying at university with him said "in class he always concentrate he never make noise when teachers are teaching. He like reading book so much. He's a good student and a good friend."
And this is our (I see Sihanoukville) interview with him:
Poleak: Hello! My name is Chea Poleak. I am studying the English Literature now and I want to become an English professor in the future.
ISS: have you met problems in your study?
Poleak: Yes, there are many problems like money time to study ect.
ISS: So what is the inspiration of your study?
Poleak: My parents. They work hard everyday to support my study. And I want to get a good job and earn money to help them back.

Can you tell about your idea of Education?

Education is really important. It's a long term investment. Education is a key to a good society if we have knowledge we can life a good life.


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