Sihanoukville November 2013

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Sihanoukville, Cambodia


This November the weather in Sihanoukville is just like most people in Sihanoukville predicted and it is like last year. The wind brow hard during most night and sometimes it rains in the early morning and that make people want to sleep longer in the cold morning. But the unpredictable things about weather is during the early November with the Typoons in philipine that seems to affect the weather in Sihanoukville, but only small affect.

Schools & Students

Most schools started on October but some university just started in November for the new first year students who completed their exam or grade 12. So during November the schools get life again and the students are concentrating on their study for the new school year.


This November we see quite a lot of sports activities as usual months. Sports are seen more in Sihanoukville as people start to know more and more about the advantage of sport through some advertising on TV and radio. There are some more sport places in Sihanoukville like the football fields, volleyball fields, gyms started that allow people to play much more sport even at night for some people who doesn’t have time to play sports during the day.

Sport Event

This month at Don Bosco Technical School as usually run the Christmas sport event like this school has done every year. Students from different sections of the school attend this event to be the champion of the Don Bosco Sihanoukville 2013. There are football, basketball, volleyball and more sports to compete.


As we know this month is the high season of tourists in Cambodia. Sihanoukville also welcome lots of tourists already. We see many foreigners in Sihanoukville coming for their holiday, getting to know Sihanoukville and enjoy their holiday especially in the beaches of Sihanoukville.


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