People seem to be ready for the upcoming Khmer New Year 2013

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The upcoming Khmer New Year 2013 falls on Saturday,13 April and will last for 3 days until 15 April.

In Sihanoukville people seems to be ready for Khmer New Year 2013. School students start to play Khmer traditional game for the new year, some school is on small vocation, the universities will start vocation soon and the most popular technical school in Sihanouk province Don Bosco Technical School will celebrate before the new year and will be on vocation around 10 April to 20 April for their students to come back home for this happy time in a year. Most of the students at Don Bosco Sihanoukville come from various provinces as this school is so popular and help poor students so on the upcoming New Year's Day they will go back to meet their family and happy the small vocation. 

As the people are already harvested their crops, students have finished their exam for the first semester, and lots of people are waiting to meet their families, playing traditional game, the Khmer New Year 2013 seems to be the very happy time during the year. People are talking and prepare themselves already. Even there is still half a month to go, but I've already hear people talk about that and also in the media and Social Network too. 

At school, students and teachers are starting to celebrate before the small vocation in the whole Cambodia. And especially at the pagodas there will be lots of people playing traditional games, coming to do good deed by donating and contributing to charities. Buddhists bath the Buddha statues with perfumed water and also bath their elderly to get good wishes and advices. The Sihanoukville beaches is predicted to be full of people( Cambodians and also foreigners). In my opinion, Ochheteal beaches, Otres beaches and pagoda, and Kbal Chay Water fall will be crowded. And hotels and guesthouse in Sihanouk province will be full as last year.

Problem to face
Everything can't be perfect their will be some problems like the street will be crowded(might cause traffic accidents), not enough hotels and guesthouse rooms, their might be argument on the dancing, and especially one thing I really want to talk about is the increasing cost of the buses and taxis. Every year people are complaining about this problem they spend lots of money to go home because the cost rises too expensive. I've already heard plenty of friends and people complaining about this problem.
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Even everything can't be perfect but we can avoid bad thing and everything can be good. I hope there are solution to these problems and wish all Cambodians and foreigners living in Cambodia will enjoy much of the Khmer New Year 2013.  


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