No water in some part of Sihanoukville

Saturday, March 30, 2013 0 comments
Photo by: Eeng Kiaheng
These few days, there’s no running water in some part of Sihanouk province. This problem comes to add trouble to the existing electricity power problem. The electricity problem is making people irritated and now the problem with water supply is making the situation worst.

Some businesses are meeting a hard time, no water in some hotels and guesthouse, some no water to use in houses, no drinking water, no washing water and no water for businesses. How bad!

“No water in the hotel, have to buy drinking water. No drinking water and no shower for guests. They are unhappy and will clear off back to Phnom Penh, who responsible for this mismanaging situation” said a hotel manager.

“It’s good that I have a well in my house, if no I would not afford to live without washing myself. It’s very hot this season. And my neighbors are asking for my water and I have to buy water for drinking too. I don’t how they think, trying to cut electricity and water supply for their own benefit and don’t care about us. We should take acting to respond or they will make our living worse” said a hairdresser.

Sihanoukvillian have to buy water to drink
People in Sihanouk province believe that there still water supply but they just cut it. Maybe it’s not enough. But the water will run sometime so we should buy a holding tank to fill water for using when the water is available.

I think this problem won’t last for long. The situation will be better soon and we will get back to our normal Sihanoukville lives especially on the upcoming Khmer New Year 2013 things will be good and we can enjoy the living.


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