Exercise for health in Sihanoukville

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Now as Cambodia economic is growing Cambodia citizens are working hard to develop the country and to maintain their job. Some people are working from the early morning till late at night to improve and earn money from their business, shop, or their sales at the market.

Beside from working people are finding some hobby to do to release their stress and to enjoy the day. Men play football, volleyball, basketball, or go to the gym. Some young people are on their motorbike travel around the city especially around the Two Lions and the beach. Yes , we can often see them at the beach hangout. It’s a good hobby for free time ,but do you think it is a good hobby for everyday? Would you spend your free time everyday just sit at the beach, traveling around the Two Lions, or go some place and spend much money everyday? That’s not good for everyday, but it’s great for sometime when we have a party or something( but not for everyday party!). Why don’t we young people consider doing some housework which could help our parents physically and mentally, reading some books to gain knowledge, doing homework teachers give from school, doing some exercise that could keep us healthy? If you do so I’m sure you’ll see that your feeling is good because your parents happy with you, your study become much better, your health is good and stronger. Is it nice? And one other thing is the road will not be so chaos.

 I have been talking to much about men and young people, what about women? Yes, there are many things women in Sihanoukville do in their hobby and it’s good for their health too. Middle age women play badminton, do their housework which is a good exercise too. They also jog in the morning and evening like elderly women do. I often see elderly women and men jog in the early morning when I prepared for the Marathon competition in Sihanoukville each time. And also I saw a lot of foreigners too. One place that really attract me about the exercise in Sihanouk province is the former cinema where in the morning and evening there’s a dancing exercising program. I saw lots of women, men, and also teenagers! That is interesting and when come across there I often feel good to see what they’re doing. That’s a really good exercise that could make us feel happy and healthy. If you’re in Sihanoukville, even if you are Cambodian or foreigner and you want some exercise you can join that nice program for about 1000-2000 Riels (25-50cents). And don’t forget to get the most of the beautiful Sihanoukville as much as you can.


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