Sihanoukville Cambodia and Trat Thailand First Trade Fair 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015 0 comments
Sihanoukville trade fair event
Here in Sihanoukville again, today is the third day of the Trade Fair event which take place in Ocheuteal beach of Sihanoukville.

This trade fair is name as "One Village One Product". I still remember the name as I was designing the banner for the event which is a collection of Sihanoukville Cambodia and Trat Thailand product which as I know is the first time for event between Sihanouk Province and Trat in this year 2015. 

I went for that event tonight walking around, seeing and thinking, buying some stuff and enjoy the event as well as a Sihanoukvillain ( a citizen of Sihanouk province ). I think there might be more events like this going to occur on and on.  

Actually I did capture some moment of the event to come along with this article which you can see above and below. Thank for reading!

Front an end point there were so crowded inside
Ocheuteal beach, Sihanoukville
When the music begin 


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